WWEA Names Small-Wind Chairman


The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) has appointed Morten V. Petersen chairman of the small-wind division.

According to the WWEA, Petersen has been involved in renewables – small wind in particular – for many years and has broad international experience living and working in Europe and Asia. He was formerly chairman at the Danish Wind Energy Association.

As chairman, Petersen will guide the work of this group in a voluntary function. In a first statement, he underlined the important role of small wind in the future energy supply and the importance of strict quality standards for this technology.

‘Small wind has to play a vital role in the global energy supply – in particular, in a more distributed energy system. This is the case for industrialized countries, like my home country Denmark, but even more in the developing world where small-wind hybrid systems are often the ideal and only practical solution to provide energy access.

‘We must be aware that in order to increase small-wind share in the global energy mix, the industry has still to grow and mature, with the help of smart government policies that support the uptake of this sector. One key for the success of small wind will be the focus on global and harmonized quality standards,’ he says.

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