WindESCo Names Sorenson Director of Alliances


WindESCo, a provider of renewable energy optimization technologies, has appointed Martin Sørensen as director of alliances. Sørensen’s role will be to manage WindESCo’s strategic industry relationships, go-to-market partnerships and asset management customers to build an ecosystem for annual energy production (AEP) enhancement.

Healthy partnerships between operators and OEMs in the industry are essential in fostering innovation, improving AEP and generating revenues that meet and exceed long-term expectations. Software providers like WindESCo have a role to play as unbiased advisors, creating efficiencies and delivering project performance to meet expectations.

As a trusted-third party, WindESCo says it has the ability to augment the teams of their customers and strategic allies to promote fruitful, long-term relationships. WindESCo’s ability to find underperformance at wind plants, and then fix the problem to deliver revenue gains, sets it apart from data analytics firms in the market. 

“Scaling results requires collaboration, expertise and innovation,” says Blair Heavey, CEO of WindESCo. “Sørensen has demonstrated all these qualities in his impressive career in renewable energy. Adding him to our rapidly growing team will ensure we continue to work effectively with all key players – from operators to OEMs. We look forward to welcoming him to one of the strongest management teams in wind to help operators understand and optimize their assets.”

By hiring a European wind specialist, WindESCo is set to scale rapidly in wind’s most mature market, which remains a global epicenter for investment. Operators and fund managers in key markets including Germany, Denmark, Spain and the U.K. will have the opportunity to gain a 4-5% improvement in turbine performance through WindESCo’s proprietary high-resolution data monitoring and analysis algorithms.

“WindESCo’s focus on applying analytics and a first-hand understanding of the complex dynamics affecting wind turbine performance to boost operators’ and fund managers’ revenue was an immediate draw for me,” says Sørensen. “Unlocking further investment for wind energy at this crucial juncture requires smartly run, efficient assets, and I’m proud to join WindESCo in its mission to boost the global renewable wind energy transition.”

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