WindESCo Appoints Michael Kelly to Advisory Board


WindESCo, a company that specializes in renewable energy optimization, has appointed Michael Kelly to its advisory board.

“We are pleased to welcome Kelly to our advisory board at this important next stage of WindESCo’s evolution,” says Mo Dua, founder and CRO of WindESCo. “As a highly respected and seasoned wind energy operations executive with a broad range of knowledge, from detailed engineering to contractual structure, we look forward to Kelly’s expert assistance in guiding us as we continue to grow and scale the number of wind plants using the WindESCo platform.”

Kelly began his renewable energy career in the 1980s when he joined an early wind turbine technology provider installing and operating some of the first wind turbines in California. In addition to wind technology and manufacturing roles, he has held leadership and executive roles in wind and solar engineering, construction, operations and asset management for Cannon Energy, Italian Vento Power, Enron Wind, Zilkha Renewable/Horizon Wind/EDPR Spinnaker Energy and Juvi Solar. 

Kelly is a two-time recipient of the Excellence in Operations Award from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and serves on industry advisory panels for the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. 

“I am excited to join WindESCo,” says Kelly. “Wind energy is facing various challenges – from reliability issues to plant underperformance – and I believe WindESCo uniquely combines domain expertise, analytics and machine learning to provide unprecedented insights and actionable recommendations to owners to improve performance each step of that journey. I look forward to working alongside my fellow advisory members and company management to advance its truly innovative renewable energy optimization solutions.”

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