WindCom Secures Wind Blade Service Deal for 2021 Maintenance Season


Wind Composites Service Co. LLC (WindCom), a U.S. provider of wind blade services, has signed a deal with an industry player for the 2021 maintenance season.

Blade O&M market demand is on track to outpace service provider availability for the coming season. Building on years of industry experience, WindCom says it is making a step-change in blade O&M contract commitment with the first signing of the new TechLock structure. 

“We believe TechLock aligns the interests of our customers and WindCom to a higher degree than single-transaction deals by providing guaranteed availability and much higher budgetary certainty,” says Tim Hertel, CEO of WindCom. “If the trend we’re seeing continues, WindCom is on pace to be fully committed by the end of March.” 

WindCom’s TechLock program enables customers to lock in blade repair resources throughout the year at fixed rates, staffed at their discretion and supported by the WindCom engineering and operational team. 

The company is based in Houston, Texas. For more information on WindCom and its wind blade service offerings, click here.

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