Wind Turbine Towers Poised To Reach ‘Mega’ Heights


Wind turbine towers are set to reach heights of up to 170 meters with new construction techniques and materials, according to wind power engineering specialist K2 Management.

Tower heights have grown steadily over the last decade as operators seek stronger wind speeds higher up in the atmosphere. K2 Management believes new technology developments, such as modular concrete structures, mean turbine heights are likely to soar up to 170 meters in the coming years – higher than London’s Gherkin and almost as high as the Eiffel Tower. According to K2 Management, this compares to the tallest towers of around 150 meters at present, and there has been a 48% increase in average hub height since 1999.

“170-meter towers could become a common sight in the near future in markets like the U.S. and Germany as part of a new renewable skyline,” says K2 Management CEO Henrik Stamer. “We expect to see more of these mega designs as we help our clients get the most out of their wind projects.”

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