Wind Resource Atlas Created For Nova Scotia


Researchers from Universite de Moncton and the Applied Geomatics Research Group at the Nova Scotia Community College have created a wind atlas that illustrates the amount of wind available in different areas of Nova Scotia.

Maps were created to show wind speeds at three different heights: 30 meters (m), 50 m and 80 m above ground, the researchers note. The free atlas is available at, and interactive features are slated to be added soon.

‘By 2013, nearly 20 percent of all Nova Scotia's electricity will come from green sources like wind,’ says Energy Minister Bill Dook. ‘Our wind resource is a tremendous opportunity for clean power, and now we have a map to show us that opportunity in detail.’

Additionally, to assist with wind development, the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities has issued a call for proposals to develop best-practices guidelines and model wind turbine bylaws. The call for proposals can be found at

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