Wind Farm Investment Consultants Forms


RERC Wind Farm Investment Consultants, based in Greer, S.C., has formed. The new company's goal is to take wind farm investment due diligence to new levels by conducting detailed on-site reviews of the farm's present condition. The company determines both original design deficiencies and equipment deterioration over time.

RERC is headed by Bruce McLaughlin, a former lead compliance engineer for a major wind turbine manufacturer and corporate manager. He will oversee and coordinate team activities and serve as the primary client liaison on every RERC account.

According to the company, RERC's analysis reduces acquisition investment risk by performing comprehensive reviews in six categories of wind farm viability – electrical, structural, mechanical and material integrity, equipment reliability and electrical code compliance. For each of the six wind farm parameters, RERC will:

– review design specifications,

– evaluate historical records detailing maintenance, repair, replacement and modification,

– examine documentation furnished to international certification organizations or nationally recognized testing laboratories,

– perform on-site examination and non-destructive evaluation of randomly selected wind turbines,

– use computer simulations to help identify and measure design deficiencies and deterioration with time and usage, and

– prepare a detailed assessment of the wind farm's present condition emphasizing issues that need resolution with suggested solutions.

SOURCE: RERC Wind Farm Investment Consultants

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