‘Wind Farm Friendly’ Radar Could Unlock 4 GW Of Renewable Energy Potential


The U.K.'s Ministry of Defence (MOD) has agreed to a deal for energy companies to fund new ‘wind farm friendly’ radars, which the MOD says have the potential to unlock more than 4 GW of renewable energy – enough to power over 2 million homes.

A new air defense radar – which is not adversely affected by wind farms – has been installed and tested on the U.K.'s Norfolk coast, allowing for the potential releasing of 3.3 GW of renewable energy, the MOD explains. Until recently, the MOD has objected to wind farms located near air defense radars due to the interference caused by the turbine blades.

The MOD recently ordered two more of the wind-farm-friendly radars, funded by developers. The radars will be installed in Northumberland and Yorkshire, unlocking a further 750 MW of renewable energy, the MOD says, adding that this deal will promote the further development of wind farms and help the U.K. government reduce carbon emissions.

On behalf of the MOD, Serco installed a Lockheed Martin TPS-77 air defense radar near Cromer, on the Norfolk coast. The MOD has, therefore, removed planning objections to five further offshore wind farms in the Greater Wash. The new TPS-77 was delivered in a project between Serco, Lockheed Martin, the MOD's Defence Equipment and Support, and the Department of Energy and Climate Change to produce a radar not affected by wind farm turbine blades.

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