Wildlife Acoustics To Release New Ultrasonic Recorder

Wildlife Acoustics, a supplier of acoustic monitoring systems for endangered and threatened wildlife species, plans to release a new high-frequency 384kHz model of the SM2BAT ultrasonic recorder in September.

The SM2BAT 384kHz Terrestrial Ultrasonic Package is a weatherproof, low-power ultrasonic recorder and microphone capable of continuous unattended monitoring and recording of bat echolocation calls for long periods of time, according to the company. An optional acoustic microphone can be added to a second channel for recording birds, frogs and other non-ultrasonic sounds at different times of the day.

Post-processing Wac2Wav software, available from Wildlife Acoustics at no charge, converts SM2BAT recordings to either standard .WAV files or legacy zero-crossing files and removes false triggers caused by background noise, the company says.

SOURCE: Wildlife Acoustics Inc.


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