Vestas To Ramp Up Employment At Colorado Blade Factory


Vestas To Ramp Up Employment At Colorado Blade Factory Turbine maker Vestas says it will hire up to 400 workers for its Windsor, Colo.-based blade facility.

Vestas says it is encouraged by a rebounding U.S. wind market – a region that has produced the most new orders, according to Michael Zarin, company spokesperson.

In addition to the Windsor blade plant, Vestas has three additional plants in Colorado that manufacture components: facilities for both blades and nacelles in Brighton and a tower factory in Pueblo. In the recent past, uncertainty in the U.S. market forced Vestas to lay off Colorado workers.Â

Citing financial problems caused by 2012's production tax credit uncertainty in 2013, Vestas laid off workers in February 2013. However, Vestas' re-staffing efforts are well under way. In fact, last year, the company resumed hiring at the tower factory in Pueblo.Â

As for Vestas' hiring timetable, Zarin notes, ‘We'll ramp up until we have the required numbers.’

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