Vestas to Deploy Bat Deterrent Systems from NRG


NRG Systems Inc. has signed a strategic agreement with Vestas Wind Systems A/S to offer turnkey bat deterrent systems, complete with installation and service, for existing Vestas turbines.

Production of the system began in April 2019, following three years of field testing. The technology, which utilizes ultrasound to dissuade bats from entering the rotor-swept zone of a turbine, has been adopted by major renewable energy developers, including Duke Energy Renewables and D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments.

In addition to conserving declining bat populations, NRG’s system can help reduce AEP losses associated with bat activity at wind plants.

“Vestas, the world’s largest wind energy solutions company, has made a major statement by being the first to offer our bat deterrent system as an upgrade for their turbines,” says Evan Vogel, president of NRG Systems. “This commitment illustrates their dedication to offering customers solutions that help projects co-exist with the natural environment. This technology will provide Vestas turbine owners a cost-effective means to conserve bat populations.”

NRG’s system features five acoustic panels that are installed on the nacelle of the wind turbine. Retrofit installations take approximately half of a day per system and integrate seamlessly into the wind plant’s SCADA system.

“Introducing this innovative solution to our Vestas portfolio is part of our ongoing commitment to provide customized solutions to meet customer needs, and it also expands our solutions to combine efficient production with protection of wildlife,” says Mariel Garrido, Vestas’ head of fleet optimization.

The global agreement covers Vestas turbines in all regions but is initially commercially available only in the U.S. and Canada with other countries to follow, the company says.

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