Vestas Receives Hefty Order From PacifiCorp


Vestas has received a 459 MW order from PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, for two wind projects in Wyoming.

The order is for V136-4.2 MW turbines operating in 4.3 MW power-optimized mode. The wind farms, TB Flats I and II, include previously purchased V110-2.0 MW turbines, bringing the project to a combined capacity of 503 MW.

TB Flats I and II are part of PacifiCorp’s Energy Vision 2020 initiative, a $3.1 billion investment to expand wind power via repowering existing projects, adding 1,150 MW of new wind resources by the end of 2020, and building a 140-mile transmission line segment in Wyoming to enable wind generation.

As part of Energy Vision 2020, Vestas and PacifiCorp previously partnered on repowering the Marengo and Marengo II wind projects in Washington. They upgraded the site’s existing V80-1.8 MW turbines with V100-2.0 MW turbines.

The order includes supply and commissioning of the turbines, as well as a 12-year AOM 4000 service agreement, designed to ensure optimized performance of the project. Turbine delivery and commissioning are expected for the second and fourth quarters of 2020, respectively.

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