Vestas Launches 7 MW Offshore Wind Turbine


Vestas has introduced a 7 MW wind turbine that is dedicated for offshore applications and designed for rough North Sea conditions, according to the company.

‘We are very pleased to be able to serve the market and show our commitment to the offshore wind industry by introducing our dedicated offshore turbine – the V164-7.0 MW,’ says Ditlev Engel, CEO of Vestas. ‘Seeing the positive indications from governments worldwide, and especially from the U.K., to increase the utilization of wind energy is indeed very promising. We look forward to this new turbine doing its part in making these political targets a reality.’

Construction of the first V164-7.0 MW prototypes is expected in the fourth quarter of 2012. Serial production is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015, provided a firm order backlog is in place to justify the substantial investment needed for the turbine, according to the company.

Based on the potential market size, the V164-7.0 MW business case is based on Europe and primarily the northern European markets. Should market demand require so, Vestas is also prepared to take the V164-7.0 MW to other parts of the world in due time.

SOURCE: Vestas Technology

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