Vestas Investigates V52 Turbine Collapse At Ireland Wind Farm


Turbine manufacturer Vestas says a ‘thorough investigation’ will begin to determine the factors that led to the collapse of its V52 850 kW wind turbine at the Loughderryduff wind farm, located in Donegal, Ireland. No one was injured in the March 22 incident.

Although Vestas is not speculating on the cause of the incident, the manufacturer indicates that wind gusts reaching 90 km/h – 25 m/sec. – played a major role in the incident, which occurred about 5 p.m. local time.

‘Due to safety reasons, the other eight turbines at the wind power plant were shut down,’ says Vestas in a statement, adding that company technicians responded at the site and the situation is under control. ‘The remaining turbines have now been restarted,’ notes Vestas.

The 7.7 MW Loughderryduff wind farm, commissioned in 2010, was developed by Wind Prospect.

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