Vestas Engineering Partner Opens Up New R&D Center

L&T Technology Services Ltd., an engineering research and development (R&D) services company, has announced the formal establishment of an engineering solutions delivery center in Chennai, India, that is focused on supporting Vestas.

According to L&T, the dedicated development center will facilitate cost-effective engineering solutions and focus on areas such as energy storage and hybrid energy products.

“Vestas works with long-term partners like L&T Technology to help develop solutions that lower the cost of energy, ensure flexibility in product development, and shorten the amount of time needed to bring new products and solutions to market,” comments Andreas Bürger, senior vice president of power solutions, industrialization at Vestas.

L&T notes it has been associated with Vestas for over a decade as a strategic engineering partner.

Bhupendra Bhate, chief digital officer at L&T, adds, “We are excited to strengthen our partnership with Vestas by leveraging our expertise in automation, engineering analytics and the IoT for the wind energy industry.”


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