Ventus, Sonic To Provide New Scanning System For Blades


Dallas-based Ventus Wind Services Group, a full-service wind turbine operations and maintenance provider for utility-grade wind turbines, and Houston-based Sonic Systems International, a nuclear energy services company, have entered into a commercial agreement to offer a rotor blade ultrasonic scanning system.

This phased array system, developed by Sonic and IHI Southwest Technologies, will allow Ventus technicians to detect defects and poorly bonded areas within the composite laminate of the rotor blade. This new system allows for easier detection of small defects, wrinkles and un-bonded areas in the laminate, according to Ventus.

Ventus Blade Services, a division of Ventus Wind Services Group, will be offering this new ultrasonic testing (UT) scanning system to blade manufacturers who are interested in utilizing it for manufacturing inspections, as well as to wind turbine owners and operators who are interested in understanding the condition and repair needs of their rotor blades.

The new UT scanner is portable and can be used both up-tower or on the ground.

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SOURCE: Ventus Wind Services Group

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