Vaisala Nacelle-Mounted Lidar Solution Set for Wind Energy Industrial Applications


Vaisala, a Finland-based company specializing in weather, environmental and industrial measurements, has revealed the publication of a comprehensive report demonstrating how its WindCube Nacelle lidar provides accurate turbulence intensity (TI) measurements suitable for use across industrial applications.

“The culmination of extensive lidar research and development efforts, our pioneering nacelle-mounted lidar solution is designed to provide reliable wind data at multiple distances in front of a wind turbine,” says Frédéric Delbos, head of science – renewable energy, at Vaisala. “Turbulence intensity plays a critical role in various wind energy applications. So the accurate TI measurements WindCube Nacelle unlocks help advance nacelle-mounted lidar usage in the wind industry.”

Building on Vaisala’s renewable energy measurement expertise, WindCube Nacelle provides a low-cost approach to TI measurements. In a recent white paper titled Turbulence Intensity Measurements with WindCube Nacelle, Vaisala showcased the remarkable capabilities of its nacelle-mounted lidar system. Summarizing the results of three field campaigns, the white paper demonstrates the accurate TI measurement achieved by WindCube Nacelle and serves as a solid foundation for further investigation.

The high measurement accuracy and data coverage observed in these results affirm that WindCube Nacelle is primed for wind energy industrial applications. Additional white paper findings contribute to improving TI measurement techniques and pave the way for further exploration of the temporal-spatial structure of air turbulence in the low atmospheric boundary layer.

Industry giant General Electric Renewable Energy recently acknowledged the significance of TI measurements, accepting WindCube Nacelle lidar for power performance testing.

Wind energy players, including Vaisala, are committed to continued TI innovations in order to improve accuracy of critical wind measurement campaigns.

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