Vaisala Launches X-Band Radar To Enhance Weather Detection


Vaisala, a provider of weather, environmental and industrial measurement, has announced the development of its X-band weather radar.

According to the company, the X-band radar can enhance the weather-detection capabilities of a specific location. In difficult terrain, it fills the gaps to reliably detect snow, rain and other weather activity.

By filling gaps in radar networks, the solution delivers improved radar network coverage and higher radar data resolution – for example, at low altitudes, in mountainous areas or around wind farms.

“X-band radar will enhance a weather detection arsenal, making it even more reliable and accurate,” explains Pekka Utela, director of weather radars at Vaisala. “By developing a smaller system allowing simple site selection, as well as providing maximum weather detection sensitivity with automatic and continuous calibration, the new X-band radar will answer the challenges decision-makers face in severe-weather situations.”

With plug-and-play installation, X-band can work with existing weather radar systems, as well as wind LiDARs, brought together through Vaisala’s IRIS software suite.

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