United Wind Teams With Ag Consulting Firm For Distributed Wind Solutions


Distributed wind company United Wind Inc. has announced a partnership with K·Coe Isom, an accounting and consulting firm for the food and agriculture industry. Under the partnership, United Wind will analyze and customize WindLease solutions for selected K·Coe Isom clients across the U.S.

According to the company, WindLease empowers rural property owners to lease a distributed wind turbine (10 kW to 1 MW) with zero upfront costs and fixed electricity payments for 20 years. As part of the contract, United Wind takes care of all aspects of the project, including permitting, installation, and operations and maintenance of the system over the life of the lease.

“For our food and agriculture clients, escalating operating expenses, including electricity costs, are constantly on their radar,” says K·Coe Isom’s senior conservation consultant, Robert Veldman. “Our job is to identify valuable tools, technologies and programs that solve these business challenges. We see tools such as United Wind’s WindLease as a potential means for our clients to hedge against the volatility in the retail electricity market and help our clients sustain and expand their agricultural operations over the long term.”

“We are excited to support K·Coe Isom in their efforts to provide value-added services to their clients,” notes United Wind’s CEO, Russell Tencer. “Many agribusinesses throughout the Midwest have a significant, untapped wind resource on their properties, and K·Coe Isom is well positioned to help their clients understand how WindLease may be able to benefit their operations.”

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