TRC To Support Clean Line Energy’s 700-Mile Transmission Project

TRC Companies Inc., a national engineering, consulting and construction management firm that serves energy and environmental markets, says it has been awarded a $12 million contract by Clean Line Energy to provide land acquisition services, survey permissions and overall project management for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line transmission project.

The Plains & Eastern Clean Line, as one of the largest clean energy infrastructure projects in the country, will provide a pathway for 4,000 MW of low-cost wind power to be delivered from Oklahoma to the Mid-South and Southeast. According to TRC, which has a major office located in Tulsa, Okla., the agreement furthers Clean Line’s commitment to working with local suppliers.

“Clean Line Energy’s mission of building modern energy infrastructure closely aligns with our own core values of sustainability, including our commitment to grow our clean energy services year over year,” says Chris Vincze, chairman and CEO. “The 700-mile transmission line will improve the U.S. electric grid; support economic development and job growth; and make safe, reliable and lower-cost power available to consumers.”

TRC says it will provide program management, acquisition of environmental and cultural survey consents, and acquisition support. It also will be communicating with landowners across the route to educate them about the benefits of the project.

“We’re thrilled to see the positive economic impact on northeast Oklahoma through this partnership between TRC and the Plains & Eastern Clean Line,” says Mike Neal, president and CEO of the Tulsa Regional Chamber. “We have long supported the Plains & Eastern Clean Line as a unique opportunity to bring together private investment, proven technology, public benefits and government leadership to meet the growing need for reliable transmission infrastructure.”

Construction is expected to start in 2017, and it is expected to be operational in 2020.


  1. All I can tell TRC is that they had better gird their loins. The con men at Clean Line have preceded them by several years and are placing them in a terrible position. Clean Line representatives have crossed Arkansas and Oklahoma spinning their half-truths and lies until they have no credibility anywhere. Our state and federal legislators in Arkansas have unanimously passed laws opposing this project and our federal delegation has launched a congressional investigation into the Dept. of Energy’s participation in this project. Clean Line has treated landowners as if they are to ignorant to understand their proposals. It is not clear why Clean Line is such a legend in their own minds, since these same landowners have successfully shut down all of these projects across the country. Their business ethics include impersonating state law enforcement agencies to gain illegal access to properties for survey purposes, among other highly unethical behavior. When these contractors were caught in their lies, they ran. These lines are completely unnecessary, as has been proven by the lack of interest in buying transmission line capacity from Clean Line. Clean Line has NO CUSTOMERS, because real experts in the energy field don’t believe this line will be built and have no need for their projects. The DOE requires that Clean Line have firmly committed customers before this line can be built, and they have none, zip, zero. We who oppose this project do no object to alternative energy, in fact, Arkansas and Oklahoma are already using wind power from Oklahoma. We do object to an unnecessary extension cord that will devastate our environment for little to no benefit to us. The only reason these lines are being built is to pad the pockets of wealthy investors from New York and Great Britain. These foolish investors have waited 8 years for the first penny of return on their investment, and will have to wait at least 4 more. TRC will be thrust into a highly hostile environment to buy right-of-way without the right of eminent domain. As someone who has bought right-of-way, including electrical transmission line right-of-way for 31 years, I wouldn’t take this job on a bet. I would suggest to TRC that they get all the money they can up front on this deal, before the bottom falls completely out!


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