Thomas & Betts Introduces New Backup Fuse

Thomas & Betts Corp.'s new Hi-Tech 38kV Trans-Guard OS Shorty fuse provides risk reduction against disruptive transformer failure, according to the company. Designed for use in 26.4 kV to 34.5 kV distribution and wind farm transformers that have a primary or secondary delta connection or that feed more than 50% delta-connected loads, the fuses can reduce fault energy and offer a high interrupting capability for protection against available fault currents.

The fuse's L-L voltage rating allows smaller backup fuses to be used to reduce arcing time and the amount of energy originating from a fault. In addition to increasing transformer protection, this feature greatly improves upstream coordination.

The fuse meets ANSI and IEEE standards that include 100% physical inspection, resistance measurement and helium mass spectrometer leak testing.

SOURCE: Thomas & Betts Corp.


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