The House Passes the Moving Forward Act


The House of Representatives has passed H.R.2, the Moving Forward Act, a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that also contains provisions aimed at curbing pollution and supporting environmentally conscious activities.

“Everything in our country is connected, from the education of our children to the technologies of the future to the road map to get there,” says Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

While $300 billion has been allotted to build and fix the country’s infrastructure, the bill also aims to address carbon emissions and provide renewable energy companies with credits to aid in the development of future projects.  

Included in the bill are the following provisions to foster the growth of the U.S. wind industry:

  • Extension of credit for electricity produced from certain renewable resources
  • Extension and modification of energy credits
  • Elective payment for energy property and electricity produced from certain renewable resources, etc.
  • Extension of energy credit for offshore wind facilities
  • Green energy publicly traded partnerships

With the bill’s passage in the House, it now awaits another round of voting on the Senate floor. Senator Mitch McConnell has expressed a less than optimistic view of the bill, claiming that it is just a laundry list created by the House to cater to the left. 

“House Democrats appear addicted to pointless political theater. So naturally, this nonsense is not going anywhere in the Senate,” says McConnell. 

“It will just join the list of absurd House proposals that were only drawn up to show fealty to the radical left,” he adds.

Photo: The landing page of Nancy Pelosi’s web site

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