TGM Extends Service Support To Rental And Lease Customers


Abilene, Texas-based TGM Wind Services will now provide service support for companies renting or leasing high-reach aerial systems.

In addition to the Bronto aerial being delivered directly to a customer's work site, TGM also sends a support vehicle towing a 32-foot gooseneck trailer and a minimum of two certified operators. Additional personnel can be hired from TGM if necessary.

The Bronto aerials are equipped with an 11,000 V deck-mounted generator that provides 110 V power to the platform and 220 V on the deck, plus hydraulic, air and water outlets on the platform to operate tools of all types, TGM explains, noting that all of these services are included in the agreed-upon rental or lease price.

With each rental or lease, TGM provides a minimum of two certified operators – one to operate the platform in the air and help perform work from the platform, and the other to operate ground controls and monitor operations. Both operators are in constant contact via a voice intercom system between the platform and the ground control station.

SOURCE: TGM Wind Services


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