Tan Delta Systems Launches Oil Condition Monitoring Kit


Tan Delta Systems has launched its SENSE-2 oil condition monitoring kit, providing data about machine oil quality.

The technology’s display kit is designed for installation across wind turbine gearboxes and uses real-time molecular analysis taking place every few seconds, says the company. It added that data can be displayed locally, integrated with an existing system or streamed to the Tan Delta portal. The OQSx-G2 oil quality sensor within the kit is also available as a mobile tester. 

“Our SENSE-2 real-time monitoring utilizes our world-leading sensor technology and associated analytics to detect any issues before damage occurs, identifying subtle changes in equipment performance early,” says Chris Greenwood, Tan Delta Systems CEO. 

“It can be fitted easily and efficiently to any existing equipment in any application, and is configurable to any oil type. Accurate real-time monitoring of the oil condition to molecular level is what sets it apart, detecting minute molecular changes that can indicate wear, contamination or likely future equipment failure.”

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