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To Repower Or To Retrofit: How Does The PTC Affect Wind Owners’ Decisions?

In order to re-qualify an existing asset, wind owners must invest 80% of its fair market value; this is achieved through repowering or retrofitting.

MAKE: Policy Clarity Negatively Impacts Long-Term Global Wind Growth

Although policy clarity in key wind markets is providing a near-term boost to MAKE's global outlook, it is also negatively impacting long-term growth, according...

Global Wind Ownership Increasingly Becoming More Fragmented

The top 25 global wind asset owners controlled 41% of worldwide grid-connected capacity at the end of 2015 - representing a 6% decline since 2012, according to a MAKE report.

MAKE: China Expected To Install 255 GW Of Wind Power By 2025

MAKE Consulting expects 255 GW of wind power will be installed and 263 GW will be commissioned in China between 2016 and 2025.According to...

U.S. Earns Big Upgrades In MAKE’s Global Wind Power Market Outlook

Thanks to policy clarity in the U.S. and China, MAKE Consulting has boosted its 10-year global wind market outlook by 1%. The firm says...

Report: North America Could Add 75 GW Of Wind Power By 2025

According to MAKE’s latest wind power outlook for North America, unprecedented long-term policy certainty in the U.S., along with a new climate-conscious government in...