Suzlon Touts 42% Plant Load Factor For New 2.1 MW Wind Turbine


Suzlon’s S111 120-meter 2.1 MW wind turbine has achieved an approximately 42% plant load factor in its first 12 months of operation at the Jamanwada site in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India. The prototype was commissioned in March.

According to Suzlon, the 42% PLF is 20% higher than the 35% PLF achieved by the S97 120-meter turbine in its first 12 months of operation at the same location.

The S111 is the latest addition to Suzlon’s 2.1 MW platform and features doubly fed induction generator technology. With a swept area of 9,852 square meters, the S111 120-meter is designed to optimally harness wind resources at higher altitudes – in turn, making low-wind sites viable.

“It is a proud moment for us to witness the prototype of S111 120m 2.1 MW turbine deliver ~42 percent PLF,” comments J.P. Chalasani, CEO of Suzlon Group. “It has successfully generated yield of 7.66 million kWh over the last 12 months. With its reduced levelized cost of energy, cost-effective design and superior performance, S111 120m will unlock unviable sites and set new benchmarks in the Indian wind industry.”

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