Study: Wind Energy Supply Chain Means Manufacturing Jobs, Corporate HQs For Illinois

The Environmental Law and Policy Center has released a new study of Illinois' wind energy supply chain showing that the state comprises more than 100 companies with a total of over 15,000 employees.

Old-line manufacturers who are retooling to build wind turbine components for a clean energy economy and corporate headquarters for major wind power developers are located in Illinois. In addition, companies involved with software, financial and support services in the wind industry also have a presence in the state.

‘Wind energy is spurring both manufacturing jobs and corporate headquarters (HQs) in Illinois,’ says Howard Learner, executive director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. ‘Long-time manufacturers across the state are retooling to produce wind power equipment and create jobs. We need targeted public policies to keep this business growing.’

The report highlights 104 supply chain companies across the state as well as the 13 corporate headquarters of wind power businesses located in the Chicago area. These companies include Acciona, Broadwind Energy, Invenergy, Nordex and Goldwind.

The report also explains that supportive federal and state policies are key throughout the energy sector, and the wind industry is no exception. Making the current Illinois Renewable Energy Standard work well and enacting a federal renewable energy standard are important policies to drive more Illinois manufacturing of wind turbine components, corporate headquarters and professional services, the report states.

SOURCE: Environmental Law and Policy Center


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