Study: Wind Energy Produces More Jobs And Business Growth For Iowa

Iowa's wind power supply chain comprises 80 Iowa companies with a total of over 2,300 employees in manufacturing alone, according to a study released by the Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC).

The state ranks second nationally in total wind energy generation. Local manufacturers are building everything from wind turbine blades to small electrical components. Service firms provide maintenance, legal, marketing and other support to the industry, according to the study.

‘Wind energy creates good jobs and business growth across Iowa and across different sectors,’ says Howard Learner, executive director of the ELPC. ‘Smart policies can bring more wind businesses to Iowa; that's good for both economic growth and better environmental quality.’

The report says that a commitment to business development, tax incentives, a skilled workforce and a central location have helped make Iowa a leader in the wind industry.

The report also highlights supply chain companies across the state, from locally owned small businesses to seven international manufacturing companies. In addition to the 80 existing supply-chain companies, the study identified more than 30 additional Iowa companies that could supply the wind industry if demand increased.

SOURCE: Environmental Law & Policy Center


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