Study: San Joaquin Valley Has Potential For 100,000 Local Clean Energy Jobs

Renewable energy projects slated for the San Joaquin Valley could bring more than 100,000 jobs to the area, according to a new study issued by the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy.

The study, ‘The Economic Opportunity from Clean Energy Jobs in California's San Joaquin Valley,’ calculates job creation from two of the valley's most significant industries, including planned and pending-approval renewable energy projects, and the high-speed rail system. Jointly, these two industries are expected to create as many as 103,510 new production and construction jobs in the San Joaquin Valley, according to the study.

The report explains that the San Joaquin Valley is well-positioned to attract jobs in the clean energy sector – three jobs for every one job created by the high-speed rail system. The transition to cleaner energy sources is expected to bring economic growth to the region, supporting cleantech as well as traditional business.

‘This report illustrates that a healthy and prosperous future for the valley, and all of California, depends upon a clean, green and efficient economy,’ says Susan Frank, coordinator for the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy.

According to the study, the major economic waves that have swept across California in recent decades, such as biotechnology and computer technology, have largely bypassed the San Joaquin Valley.

Further, the San Joaquin Valley is expected to produce 10% of California's renewable energy within the next ten years once all pending wind, solar, biomass and hydrogen energy projects come online.

Based on projections from the California High-Speed Rail Authority, an estimated 24,000 construction jobs will be created in the San Joaquin Valley to build the rail network in the region.

SOURCE: California Business Alliance for a Green Economy


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