SPX Hydraulics Releases New Torque Wrenches

SPX Hydraulic Technologies' Power Team has introduced two products in its Predator series of hydraulic 10,000 pounds per square-inch/700 bar torque wrenches: a square-drive model and a low-clearance model.

Both models offer a low-weight, high-strength body to help reduce operator fatigue. The wrenches feature a 360-degree swivel manifold for easy positioning and an internal pressure relief with visual indicator that limits return-side hydraulic pressure for greater operator safety, according to the company.

A fine-tooth pawl promotes full tooth engagement, and a floating piston eliminates off-center loading of the stroking piston for long, durable tool life. The wrenches are designed with up to 25% fewer parts than other wrenches, and the fully enclosed drive mechanism minimizes the potential for pinch points and operator injury.

The Predator square-drive model offers consistent torque output and minimal body twist, eliminating the need for a mechanical pawl release. A button speeds changing the drive from tightening to loosening, and a push-to-click reaction arm simplifies positioning on the reaction point.

The Predator low-clearance model is comparable in weight to typical aluminum body wrenches. The compact size and small nose radius allows operation in tight spaces. An auto-connect drive piston ensures positive engagement of body to link.

For more information, visit powerteam.com.

SOURCE: SPX Hydraulics


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