Southwestern University To Obtain All Of Its Energy From Wind Power

Southwestern University has signed an agreement with the city of Georgetown, Texas, that will enable it to meet all its electricity needs for the next 18 years from wind power.

‘We hope Southwestern will be an inspiration to other universities to advance sustainability,’ says Jake B. Schrum, president of Southwestern University, adding that the agreement will help the university achieve its long-term goal of being carbon-neutral.

Wind-generated power will be provided by the city of Georgetown through an agreement with AEP Energy Partners, a subsidiary of American Electric Power. The electricity will come from the Southwest Mesa and South Trent Wind Farms in west Texas.

These two wind farms comprise a total of 151 wind turbines, each of which can generate between 0.7 MW and 2.3 MW of electricity. The initial contract is for five years and is renewable through 2028.

SOURCE: Southwestern University


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