SkySpecs Drones Inspect 1,500 Wind Blades In One Month


SkySpecs, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based provider of wind turbine inspections using drones, is touting a new company record for the number of turbine inspections within a 30-day period.

According to an update from Danny Ellis, CEO and co-founder of the company, SkySpecs recently conducted inspections for 483 wind turbines (totaling a whopping 1,449 individual blades) in one month’s time.

The company says it is working with iSight RPV Services to carry out the U.S. inspection contracts.

“Using the SkySpecs system in the field has completely changed the way I work,” says Adam Overvold, iSight RPV Services operator. “I press ‘go’ to launch the inspection, and the whole thing is finished in under 15 minutes. The time between turbines using SkySpecs’ system is 23 minutes as opposed to manual inspections, which were two hours from turbine to turbine.”

SkySpecs plans to continue upping the number of drone inspections it completes per month. The company’s partners have included Siemens Wind Power and UpWind Solutions, which is now part of Vestas.

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