Siemens Says New Software Simulates Entire Wind Farm


Researchers at Siemens Corporate Technology have developed a computer model that simulates entire wind farms. The software calculates airflows and determines the behavior of all of the turbines, enabling it to set the parameters for operating the wind turbines with as little turbulence as possible, according to the company.

The turbines' output is adjusted by means of the generators and the angle of the rotor blades. To make this possible, all of the turbines are connected to a central control system via optical fiber lines.

Although the system reduces the output of individual wind turbines, it increases the yield of the wind farm as a whole and ensures that turbines located farther back are subjected to less strain, according to Siemens. Operators can use the program to optimize either the energy yield or the service life. Alternatively, they can use it to optimally balance both of these parameters with each other.

The software has been tested at the Lillgrund wind farm for the past two years. The model is expected to be optimized in the fall based on the collected measurement data. This will be followed by a pilot phase.

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