Siemens Puts 7 MW Offshore Prototype To The Test

Siemens Puts 7 MW Offshore Prototype To The Test Siemens has installed its SWT-7.0-154 offshore wind turbine prototype in Osterild, Denmark, and also has received a certification from DNV GL for the 7 MW machine.

According to Siemens, the planned field testing of the turbine mainly focuses on the model's upgraded generator and enhanced electrical system, noting that the majority of the other components are equal to the proven technology of the company's 6 MW SWT-6.0-154, including the 154-meter rotor diameter.

‘The installation of the 7 MW version is an exciting step in its further development,’ says Siemens' Morten Rasmussen. ‘Based on the reliable technology and supply chain of our 6 MW machine, we have improved our flagship wind turbine with stronger permanent magnets, optimized generator segments and upgraded converter and transformer units. With only these minor changes, we expect to get it ready for serial production within only two years.’

Siemens claims the gearless drive technology allows the SWT-7.0-154 to be the lightest turbine of its class, and the new model yields nearly 10% more power than its predecessor at comparable operational costs.

Meanwhile, DNV GL has awarded Siemens offshore prototype certification for the SWT-7.0-154.

According to DNV GL, the prototype certificate confirms the compliance of the turbine design with the mandatory prototype requirements of the IEC 61400-22 standard and the Danish Executive Order. The company adds the certification confirms all relevant safety features on the turbine and is a major step toward reaching the final type certification.

DNV GL notes it also has been contracted to carry out the type certification of the SWT-7.0-154 and is currently involved in the design evaluation process.

"Having supported Siemens with type certification of the SWP-6.0-154 last year, and to now see it grow to become the even bigger D7 turbine, DNV GL has been able to guarantee continuity for the certification process not only to Siemens as our customer, but also to their customers and partners," comments DNV GL's Steffen Haupt.


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