Siemens, OffTECBase Collaborate On Wind Tech Training


In order to offer practical training courses, OffTECBase, a wind safety and technology training course provider in Enge-Sande, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, has ordered two of the latest Siemens SWT-3.6-130 direct-drive wind turbine systems, to be installed in the wind farm close to the training site.

The wind safety provider says the principle is to work together to develop and expand future training courses and to train technicians using real wind technology.

OffTECBase says the two new wind turbines round out a fleet of systems comprising all of the key Siemens models. The two SWT-3.6-130 units are expected to be in place by summer 2017.

According to the companies, OffTECBase has worked closely with Siemens’ wind power and renewables division since 2010.

Klaus Loesmann, OffTECBase’s commercial manager, states, “Working as a state-of-the-art technician in the wind industry requires maximum industrial safety. That’s why we’re rigorously expanding our basic principle of holding all our training sessions for offshore and onshore technicians at a single location and under real-life conditions. Extending our training field to include the latest generation of plant, therefore, represents an important step for us.”

Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens’ wind power and renewables division, says, “The training sessions add an important element to our activities in northern Germany: The locations in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein represent not only the latest in wind turbine technology, but also leading safety standards for maintenance on land and at sea.”

Photo courtesy of Siemens: OffTECBase’s managers Klaus Loesmann, Andreas Rauschelbach and Marten Jensen, signing the agreement with Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens’ wind power and renewables division, and marketing experts Dominic Voss and Eileen Jörs.

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