Siemens Installs Its First 6 MW Wind Turbine


Siemens Energy has installed the first prototype of its next-generation offshore wind turbine in Hovsore, Denmark, and has initiated the first trial operation. The new SWT-6.0-120 wind turbine, with a power rating of 6 MW and a rotor diameter of 120 meters, uses the company's direct-drive rotor technology. Together, the nacelle and rotor of the SWT-6.0-120 weigh less than 350 tons, according to the company.

‘We have developed the SWT-6.0-120 wind turbine specifically for the offshore projects of the future,’ says Henrik Stiesdal, chief technology officer at Siemens. ‘Our direct-drive technology offers a smart, straightforward design that minimizes the number of moving parts in the wind turbine.’

The first series of the 6 MW wind turbine will feature the same B58 blade that is now used on the SWT-3.6-120. It will also utilize the Siemens IntegralBlade design for blades manufactured without glue joints.

The first 6 MW prototype will now undergo an extensive commissioning and trial operation process before being released for automatic operation. Siemens plans to install additional prototypes of the SWT-6.0-120 wind turbines this year for further testing and validation.

A number of pre-series 6 MW wind turbines will be installed during 2012 and 2013 for further tests and optimization of the turbine performance. Serial production is planned for 2014, according to the company.

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