Senvion Introduces New Products To Enhance Turbine Performance


Senvion has announced new after-sales service products for the North American market: the Senvion Rotor Blade Ice Detection System and Turbine Control Upgrades with its features Dynamic Yaw and Smart Turbine Start.

According to the company, all products are based on Senvion’s extensive data analysis activities and customer feedback, and they increase the annual energy production (AEP), deliver a higher return on investment and lower the levelized cost of energy.

As reported, the Senvion Rotor Blade Ice Detection System detects ice on the blades and automatically starts up the turbine when the rotor is ice-free, with no visual inspection required for the restart. This leads to an extended uptime, lower maintenance costs and a higher energy output. The Ice Detection System uses fiber-optic sensors to determine the thickness of the ice.

Dynamic Yaw improves the angle by which the turbine is allowed to point out of the wind, thus increasing AEP and reducing loads on the turbine. Smart Turbine Start uses a self-learning algorithm to find the optimal start-up wind speed at a given site.

Hendrik van Ritter, senior vice president of service at Senvion, says, “Our service products are the result of listening to customer requirements, substantial analysis of turbine data retrieved from our global fleet, and applying the latest technology insights from Senvion’s new product developments into our installed base. This allows Senvion to revisit turbine configurations and design envelopes, with the objective to improve the power curve, resulting in higher energy production output.”

To date, the company has an installed capacity of more than 2,600 MW across North America, which includes hundreds of turbines across the Pacific Northwest, California, Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Minnesota in the U.S. In Canada, Senvion turbines constitute 10% of the country’s wind energy capacity.

Photo courtesy of Senvion

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