Senvion Appoints Kirti Vagadia Chief Financial Officer


Senvion, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suzlon Group, has appointed Kirti Vagadia the company's new chief financial officer.

Vagadia was previously Suzlon Group's head of finance and a member of Senvion's supervisory board. He has been associated with Suzlon since its inception in 1995.

‘By appointing Kirti Vagadia, the supervisory board is strengthening the company significantly because he has over 20 years' experience in the wind energy industry and the management skills and background required to successfully oversee financial measures for the benefit of Senvion,’ says Tulsi R. Tanti, chairman of the Suzlon Group and of Senvion's supervisory board. "The Suzlon Group is committed to Senvion and, by taking this step, is happy to be helping to guide the company's profitable and sustainable growth."

In accordance with his contract, Alex De Ryck, chief strategy officer of Senvion, will leave the company on Dec. 15.

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