Rope Partner, Power Curve Come Together For Wind Solutions


Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Rope Partner, a provider of rope-access solutions for wind farm owners, has announced a new partnership with Denmark-based Power Curve, an independent supplier of upgrade solutions for wind turbines.

Power Curve will deliver aerodynamic performance upgrades, such as vortex generators, to new and existing Rope Partner clients. Power Curve’s vortex generator is a small add-on device for wind turbine blades that increases output and reduces downtime.

“We have already completed several large projects together and have been extremely impressed with Power Curve’s depth of knowledge and experience,” comments Eric Stanfield, CEO of Rope Partner. “They have enabled us to offer a unified approach that assists owners in validating business cases with motivating investment returns.”

Rope Parner’s WindCorps technicians recently installed Power Curve vortex generators, resulting in a 3% annual energy production improvement, the partners say.

“I am excited to be partnering with the team at Rope Partner,” adds Niels Fiil Brønnum, CEO of Power Curve. “Together, we are able to collectively bring our various best-in-class products to market and execute installations in the most efficient, cost-effective manner for our clients striving for higher ROI.”

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