RMP Security Introduces Keyless High-Security Door Locks For Turbine Towers

RMP Security has introduced electronic locking technology that secures and controls access to wind turbine towers to prevent tampering and theft.

The company says the electronic locks are versatile access control system that have multiple applications. The company explains that the locks are hidden inside the door and eliminate any exterior exposed locks or hardware that can be compromised. A lock audit trail records all lock events to detect tampering and assist in tracing losses.

The product, PulseCode, uses what the company calls E-Lock technology – a security concept that enables the system to operate without direct contact between the lock and key. The technology uses an encrypted sequence of mechanical pulses that are transmitted by the keypad through a solid surface. The lock only opens when it hears the correct code sequence.

The 32-digit, encrypted code allows for billions of possible code combinations.

SOURCE: RMP Security


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