RIEDC Unveils Roadmap For Advancing Rhode Island

The Roadmap for Advancing Rhode Island's Green Economy was unveiled at the Advancing the Green Economy forum. The roadmap is designed to create a clear strategy for the growth and advancement of Rhode Island's green economy.

Following the 2009 Green Economy Roundtable, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corp. (RIEDC) assembled key leaders to develop the roadmap for advancing the critical green-economy initiatives that were identified, including wind power, advanced manufacturing, energy efficiency, innovation, and research and development (R&D).

The content for the roadmap is based on the outcomes of five small, collaborative workshops – one for each initiative, as well as one focused on establishing related policy.

The roadmap includes a number of action projects for accelerating the green economy initiatives, including the following:

– develop a center of excellence in advanced green manufacturing,

– create a direct financial incentive for energy-efficient efforts by the private sector,

– revise the state building code to encourage energy efficient, high-performing buildings,

– create a statewide small business innovation research liaison,

– promote Quonset Point as a hub for wind power production, and

– create a dedicated wind power R&D fund.

SOURCE: Rhode Island Economic Development Corp.


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