REpower Systems Installs Prototype Of 3.XM Wind Turbine

REpower Systems Installs Prototype Of 3.XM Wind Turbine REpower Systems AG has installed the prototype for its new onshore wind turbine at the Sudermarsch wind farm near Husum, Germany. The REpower 3.XM – with a rated output of 3.3 MW, a rotor diameter of 104 meters and a hub height of 80 meters – bridges the gap between the present onshore product series and the 5 MW and 6 MW offshore class. It is characterized by particularly low sound emissions.

The raising and the assembly of the rotor star marked the scheduled completion of construction work on the first REpower 3.XM at the Sudermarsch wind farm. The turbine was presented to the public at Husum WindEnergy in September and will now undergo extensive testing for certification in accordance with IEC IIa and DIBt Windzone IV type classes.

In addition to the prototype, a second REpower 3.XM will be erected at the Sudermarsch wind farm. Both turbines were manufactured in Bremerhaven, Germany, where REpower is currently initiating series production of the REpower 5 MW offshore turbine and assembly of the new 6 MW turbine. The company is planning to produce 30 3.XM turbines in the next financial year and expects to increase capacity significantly in the coming years.

SOURCE: REpower Systems AG


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