Report Provides Trends In Cleantech Employment, Growth


Clean energy continues to fuel the plans of many cities, states, nations, investors, and companies as they look for the next wave of innovation and growth, according to ‘Clean Tech Job Trends 2010,’ a report released by Clean Edge Inc.

Report highlights include cleantech's hottest sectors, cities and employers; the industry's most comprehensive study of median cleantech job compensation levels; details of China's meteoric clean-tech surge; and five key trends shaping the cleantech industry.

According to Clean Edge research, the top metro areas in the U.S. for cleantech job activity, based on an analysis of job posting, investment and patent activity, include the San Francisco Bay area, Greater Boston, the San Diego region, Houston and the Portland, Ore., metro area.

The report also highlights the key role that China is now playing in our collective clean-energy future and includes a table highlighting some of the significant disparities between the world's two largest economies, the U.S. and China, and their cleantech initiatives.

‘China has risen from clean-energy neophyte to global clean-energy powerhouse over the past five years,’ says Ron Pernick, co-founder and managing director of Clean Edge. ‘China is now home to six of the top 10 global cleantech pure-play employers, up from just three a year earlier. China has become the country to watch, analyze, and, at times, emulate. Ignoring China's cleantech ambitions and activities puts one's own cleantech initiatives at great peril.’

SOURCE: Clean Edge Inc.

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