Report Offers State-By-State Assessment Of Climate Change Effects


The American Security Project (ASP) has released a series of 50 reports that analyze and project possible economic losses on a state-by-state basis as a result of unmitigated climate change.

The project, ‘Pay Now, Pay Later’ (PNPL), draws attention to the costs of inaction for each state if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced.

‘Too often the debate about climate breaks down over cost, with many Americans rightfully concerned about what limiting pollution would do to our economy,’ says former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, who serves on the board of directors at the ASP. ‘But what this series of reports shows is that there is a cost on the other side of the ledger, too. There will be costs to our economic security from climate change – and significant ones at that – if we do nothing but continue business as usual.’

The PNLP report found that severe storms and erosion as a result of climate change threatens coastal communities. In addition, severe storms and receding lake levels could disrupt shipping industries in states such as Georgia, Ohio and Michigan.

Military installations in areas vulnerable to extreme weather events have been impacted in the past and are likely to be in the future, according to the report. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew damaged the Homestead Air Force Base in Florida to the point that it never reopened, and in 2004, Hurricane Ivan knocked out Naval Air Station Pensacola for a year.

SOURCE: American Security Project

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