Report: Canada To Evaluate EcoEnergy Program

According to a report in the Vancouver Sun, the Harper government is reviewing its support for renewable energy technologies, including a further evaluation of the government's ecoEnergy programs, which have offered subsidies on renewable power, including wind energy.

Canadian energy companies say the federal government urgently needs to develop a national strategy to grab a piece of the global clean energy market, which attracted $162 billion in investment last year.

Last year, a federal program designed to invest $1.5 billion over four years in renewable-power projects ran out of cash, roughly two years ahead of schedule. The ecoEnergy for Renewable Power program, which offered a subsidy of C$ 0.01/kWh, was especially popular among wind energy developers.

According to the paper, the concept of a national clean energy strategy has been gaining momentum since the spring, when it was endorsed at a conference in Banff, Alta. The conference brought together not just renewable energy producers and environmentalists, but also oil-and-gas giants, conventional power companies and business organizations. The strategy's backers include two former senior Conservatives in the Harper government: David Emerson, former foreign-affairs minister, and Bruce Carson, who was a senior adviser in the Prime Minister's Office.

The government plans to complete its review early next year.

SOURCE: Vancouver Sun


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