Rendell Supports Education About Environmental Issues


Edward Rendell, D-Pa., has announced more than $478,000 in environmental education investments for schools and environmental groups across the commonwealth in support of educational efforts to ensure that present and future generations understand environmental issues and are prepared to address the related challenges.

‘More and more, people are coming to understand that our actions have consequences for the natural world around us, and they're wondering how they can reduce their impact on the planet,’ says Rendell. ‘Many of these grants will be used to give young students hands-on lessons and conduct workshops for teachers on such critical issues as renewable energy, climate change, water conservation, air quality and acid mine drainage.’Â

Administered through the Department of Environmental Protection's environmental education grant program, the money increases environmental literacy among students and adults alike. Seventy-eight schools, universities, county conservation districts and nonprofit groups will use the grants to improve environmental awareness and promote stewardship across the commonwealth. The grants range from $1,214 to $19,901.

Many of the grants also will help schools implement the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology, which requires educators to provide students with instruction related to the state's environmental laws and regulations.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Edward Rendell

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