Record Number Of Clean Technology Venture Investment Deals In 2010


The Cleantech Group has released preliminary fourth-quarter 2010 (4Q 2010) results for clean technology venture investments in North America, Europe, China and India, totaling $7.8 billion across 715 deals.

Cleantech venture investment was up by 28% compared to 2009 ($6.1 billion), making 2010 the second-highest year for investment after 2008 ($8.8 billion). The number of deals was 715, a new annual record ahead of the previous high (624 deals) recorded in 2009.

Venture investment in 4Q 2010 totaled $1.61 billion, down by 17% from the third quarter of 2010 ($1.95 billion) and the second consecutive quarterly decline.

The top clean technology sector for venture investment in 2010 was solar, which accounted for 24% ($1.83 billion) of the total, followed by transportation (17%, $1.35 billion) and energy efficiency (14%, $1.05 billion). Measured by the number of deals, energy efficiency was the most popular sector (21% share, 151 deals) followed by solar (16% share, 117 deals).

North America accounted for 68% of the total invested, while Europe and Israel accounted for 21% and Asia for 10%. Measured by the number of deals, North America accounted for 55% of the total, while Europe and Israel accounted for 35% and Asia for 10%.

It was a record year for cleantech initial public offerings (IPOs) globally, with 93 companies raising a combined $16.3 billion during 2010. The largest IPO was for Enel Green Power, the renewable energy unit of Italian utility Enel, which raised $3.6 billion on the Madrid Stock Exchange. The vast majority of global activity, however, was in China, which accounted for 68% (63) of the IPOs completed and 61% ($10 billion) of the total amount raised.

The final quarter of 2010 was the most active quarter ever for cleantech IPOs, with 30 companies raising a combined $8.3 billion. The two largest IPOs of the year took place in 4Q 2010. These were Italy's Enel Green Power (see above) and China Goldwind, the Xinjiang-based wind turbine manufacturer, which raised $917 million on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

SOURCE: Cleantech Group LLC

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