PSC Of Wisconsin Sends Letter To Legislators In Response To Coalition


The Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin has responded to errors regarding the Clean Energy Jobs Act that were made by a coalition of 41 business groups in an open letter to legislators, according to Clean, Responsible Energy for Wisconsin's Economy (CREWE).

Last week, the business coalition urged the Wisconsin Legislature to reject Gov. Jim Doyle's global warming bill. In a memo, the coalition stated, ‘the renewable portfolio standard (RPS) and energy efficiency surtaxes will be tremendously expensive, and will result in double-digit increases for Wisconsin utility customers.’

The PSC contends that consumers and businesses will save money on energy bills with energy efficiency programs, not pay more as the coalition alleges, and that an RPS can reduce energy costs in the long run.

‘We want to make sure our lawmakers are presented with accurate information when they work on the Clean Energy Jobs Act,’ says Thad Nation, executive director of CREWE.

To view the PSC's response, visit

SOURCE: Clean, Responsible Energy for Wisconsin's Economy

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