Prysmian Achieves Milestones In Power Transmission Tech


Prysmian Group, an energy and telecom cable systems company, says it has reached two record-breaking milestones in the field of power transmission and has announced the development and testing of its new 700 kV MI-PPL (mass impregnated) and 600 kV extruded (XLPE) cable systems for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) applications.

“It is the first time in the cable industry that voltages at these high levels have been achieved,” says Massimo Battaini, senior vice president of energy projects at Prysmian Group. “These are also the first developments in cable technology that enable HVDC power transmission systems beyond 3 GW per cable bipole and, as such, are capable of more than double the power transmission capability of DC cable systems currently in service.”

According to Prysmian Group, these achievements speak to the robustness and reliability of both XLPE and mass impregnated PPL technologies for HVDC applications to the highest voltage levels – the latter emphasizing the intrinsic potential of the group’s PPL proprietary technology.

Further, the group asserts that the voltage upgrades resulting from such achievements allow for increasing the power transmission capability by up to 15% beyond the previously highest voltage 525 kV XLPE technology and also beyond that currently achieved with high-performance PPL technology at a voltage level of 600 kV, respectively.

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