Prince Edward Island Aims For 70 MW Of New Wind

As part of a 10-year plan to develop a “stronger, more sustainable and resilient province,” the government of Prince Edward Island has put forth a new energy strategy that includes adding 70 MW of wind power.

According to a government press release, the plan focuses on energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy. Based on input gathered from residents and businesses during consultations, the strategy was developed by the Prince Edward Island Energy Corp. with support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Among the measures in the strategy are adopting the National Building Code and National Energy Code for Buildings province-wide; adding 30 MW of wind energy by 2019-2020 and another 40 MW by 2025-2026; having a newly established transportation committee encourage the reduction of fossil-fuel consumption in vehicles; and monitoring developments in solar power and energy storage

“This is a forward-looking strategy based on three key goals: energy efficiency, conservation and expansion of renewable energy,” says Paula Biggar, minister of transportation, infrastructure and energy. “The strategy will reduce our overall reliance on fossil fuels, lower greenhouse-gas emissions, and help Islanders conserve energy and save money.”

In addition to reducing emissions, the actions cited in the report would create new employment and economic opportunities, the government says.

“Prince Edward Island’s leadership on penetration of wind energy is commendable, and we are pleased to see the goal of installing even more wind energy into the grid,” says Scott Harper, CEO of the Wind Energy Institute of Canada.

A second report, “Recommendations for the Development of a 2016 Climate Change Mitigation Strategy,” was released in conjunction with the energy strategy. This report, along with the energy strategy, will support the creation of a provincial climate change action plan, according to the government.


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